Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Loan

On our way. Today, Tim met with Emma to do the loan application package, and he brought it home for my signature(s and initials everywhere). It consists of:
  • 5-page Uniform Residential Loan Application
  • 3-pg Initial Good Faith Estimate (of loan related costs)
  • 1-pg Truth-in-Lending Disclosure (??)
  • 1-pg Certification and Authorization Disclosure
  • 2-pg 4506-T (??)
  • 2-pg Service Provider List
  • 15-pg Multi-Disclosure Document

I'm kinda bored and stressed just looking at the list. Thank goodness Tim and I know our strengths, and the money stuff is his.

Mine is daydreaming. So, yeah. I'm already furniture shopping at Threads, Etc, a resale/consignment store in Logan Square, and found a few things I want. The money guy says we have to wait to see how much our monthly costs go up once we're owners instead of renters. But I do think we need a buffet to hide our liquor. (After all, doesn't owning a home mean you're a grown up, and thus the Cuervo bottle is no longer is the focal piece in your living room?) And this one is just right.

Also, this one, for considerably less, reminded me that we can make do with just about anything.

I did fall in love with this funky green-gold chair, though. Look how it shines through from the middle of a bunch of nondescript pieces!

I've been looking at other house buying/renovation blogs, and feeling 1. relieved, that we don't have to do a gut rehab, and 2. kinda left out that we won't be doing much to make this house (if we get it) our own. And a secret 3. Totally Insecure about my sense of design and what we can do on our practically nonexistent budget. I think I'll always feel like a college freshman trying to spruce of a cinder-block dorm room, and never like a real grown up when it comes to decorating my home.

But I forget, the true thing that's important to me—making my home this warm and cozy:

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