Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some random day in October, 2009--no, not a random day; October 7, the day after Tim came home from APT and decided the best way to ease into life together again was to have a big State of the Union discussion about our future. This is the day that our lives changed.

No, not really. They only started to change. We decided we wanted to own a home someday.

This is not something we had ever thought possible, but as it turns out, the stars (and family, and the economic climate) aligned, and we figured out, just maybe, we could do it.

And thus, the search begins.

In some ways, we are quite ill-suited to finding a home together. Mostly, I have a love for the round softness of even numbers, and Tim prefers the angular sharpness of odd numbers, so we disagree on which side of the street we'd like to live; but in other ways, our interests happily collide. Sunny rooms, high porches, space for a garden, and space for lots of musical instruments. Hidden staircases, and reading nooks. A good kitchen. Deep, rich colors, and quirky design.

So far, it has been quite disheartening. We've loved and lost interesting homes, can't afford the area of the neighborhood we really like, nor much past "needs work" and "needs a lot of work." The latter isn't too bad, actually. Since I grew up in various stages of home construction, it seems pretty normal to me, and I'd kinda like to create my own home.

But we'll get to that.



So far it's just been pretty stressful trying to get to the point of putting in a bid. Not sure what will happen after that, if it's been so stressful already.

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